The Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba was formed in the 1960s by a group of parents trying to help their own children as they struggled with school work and social progression. Little was known about learning disabilities at the time, so the first task of those parents was to research, learn and spread the word.

Working with professionals, we gathered information and supported one another as we tried to help our own children get past often rudimentary reading or math problems in the classroom. We knew our kids, so we knew their problems weren’t about intelligence. With a growing body of research in our hands, we set out to prove that to the education system.

Over the next three decades we continued to build knowledge, working with child psychologists, doctors and educators alongside a host of sister organizations that rose up around Canada and the United States. We gave presentations to whoever would listen and worked hard to develop and refine educational programs to assist children as we tried to deal with their learning disabilities.

The end result was that more children with learning disabilities began to receive the attention and support they needed… though thousands more went undiagnosed and unsupported.

As we move into our sixth decade of service, we remain relentlessly passionate about reaching every individual in need of our assistance as we offer services such as tutoring to individuals, families and groups. While we celebrate these advancements, too many children, teens and adults still fall through the cracks.