If you have a learning disability, chances are you’ll never ‘outgrow’ it. It will be a lifelong challenge, but one that can be managed.

Our goal is to be a centre that people with learning disabilities can turn to no matter what their age or situation. Having the right support for people throughout their lives, makes it easier for individuals and families to cope with crises when they arise. We can the journey safer and more predictable, which leads to happier outcomes.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba is uniquely suited to give Manitobans the support they need to deal with learning disabilities regardless of age. We work with children, teens and adults with learning disabilities, while also providing educational and networking support for their friends and families.

No other organization in the province deals with learning disabilities and ADHD in the same holistic way we do. We’re the bridge from early childhood through teen years and adulthood. When support systems from the educational system are no longer there, LDAM remains a vital support mechanism for thousands of Manitoba families.

Instead of feeling trapped and unsure, the individuals we reach gain new hope that they can succeed in ways they never thought were possible. With the support of individuals, corporations and government, we believe we can minimize the disruption and costs caused by learning disabilities to both individuals and society.