The Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba is run by a volunteer board of directors and supported by numerous volunteer committees for events, fundraising and programming activities.

Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba (204) 774-1821

Office Manager
Finance & Administration
ext. 12

Cheryl Benoit, CreComm, EADP
Arrowsmith Teacher
ext. 13

Shaunna Wall, B.Ed, OCGE
Children’s Literacy Co-ordinator: LINKS, LINKS+, Tutoring
ext. 17

Michelle Intrepidi, BA, B.Ed, CRS, ACC
Destination Employment Project
Learning & Development Manager
(204) 615 6344
19-595 Clifton Street

Linda Szyszkowski, B.Ed
Arrowsmith Teacher
ext. 13

Sherill Vera Cruz
Academic Arrowsmith Teacher
ext. 13