Arrowsmith Kids get personal with Polar Bears for CALM AIR RAFFLE!

IMG_6171 Fly with Calm Air Raffle to catch me and swim with Baby Belugas...Diving deep for the kids, polar bears and harbour seals at the Assiniboine Park Zoo played and hung with Arrowsmith students. LDAM kids wonder about surviving up north. Get serious about saving Polar Bears and helping LDAM kids by diving deep into your pockets. Support the Calm Air Raffle Eco-Adventure for Two.

IMG_6145 Make a dream come true - support the Calm Air Raffle

Grand Prize Calm Air Raffle Ticket buyers will find out on Wednesday, January 25th at Date with a Star! who the lucky eco-adventure   explorers are! They will travel anywhere Proud Sponsor Calm Air  flies north in Manitoba or Nunavut, up to a value of $10,000. Swim with Baby Belugas, track Polar Bears to their den and discover Canada’s Arctic this year!

IMG_6198 Seal the deal - Buy your Calm Air Raffle Ticket!

Care about Bears and the LDAM Kids? Tickets are available now until 6:30 pm January 25th for $10 each or $100 per book. Claim your chance to win now, and support programs that help learning disabled kids reach and achieve their dreams!

Buy Calm Air Raffle Tickets NOW!

You can purchase Calm Air Raffle Tickets right now online on our website through Canada Helps  at

Or, for more information see our DWAS LDAM Sponsor Pkg 2017 and DWAS Ticket Form 2017  or visit our event website at

For tickets, or to attend the Date with a Star Dinner, you can also contact Marilyn MacKinnon at ph. 204 774 1821 -14 or

IMG_6134 Dive deep into your pockets for the kids - get your Calm Air Raffle Ticket


Take the plunge today!

Join us and support the Calm Air Raffle at Date with a Star!

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