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NEW START April 18 – Parenting Adolescents with AD/HD

NEW START DATE – Tuesday April 18th, 2017 @ 7pm for 7 weeks Join other parents to learn about what works for AD/HD Adolescents: problem solving, conflict resolution and special skills for school, siblings and peers. Experience strategies that transform

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Open House March 16th – how Arrowsmith changes lives

Curious about results that change the lives of children and adults overcoming learning disabilities? Join us for the Arrowsmith Program Open House on Thursday, March 16th. Talk with other parents and the Arrowsmith teacher about how Arrowsmith transforms struggling learners

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Teaching a Student with a Learning Disabilities

The importance of the teacher in helping a child identify and overcome a learning disability can’t be overstated. An educated and understanding teacher can ease many of the hurdles a child with a learning disability experiences in the classroom. A

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Six Decades of Learning Disabilities in Manitoba

If you or someone close to you have a learning disability, you know how much it means when somebody lends a helping hand. At the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba (LDAM) we have been helping young people and their parents,

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Programs for Adults with Learning Disabilities in Manitoba

Many people know the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba for our work with children or teens, either through our Children’s Literacy Tutoring, LINKS, Parenting the Adolescent or Child with ADHD or ADD or YeS programs. Less well known are our

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What Jeffrey Moore’s Story Means for Children with Disabilities

Any parent who has a child with a learning disability should hear the story of Jeffrey Moore. It is a story of parents who fought for their child’s right to have access to the educational support he needed to learn

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Children’s Literacy Tutoring Programs Available in Winnipeg

If your child has a learning disability, teaching him or her how to manage the disability will be essential to his or her confidence, performance in school—and in many cases—self esteem. Our Children’s Literacy Tutoring Programs are available to help

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Managing Learning Disabilities with LDAM

The Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba helps people who have learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders reach their goals and live better lives. Located in Winnipeg, we work with people of all ages and backgrounds from children to prison inmates and

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Getting Through University with Youth2Youth

If you’re a teen with a learning disability, thinking ahead to university or college can be scary. Will the professors work with you? Will there be supports? What about applying for a student loan or finding a place to live?

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