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Looking for LINKS Volunteers

Our LINKS literacy program is looking for volunteers interested in helping children become competent, independent learners through the experience of good books and opportunities for good writing.  For more information please contact our Links Coordinator, Shaunna Wall, at (204) 774-1821

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Holiday Tips for Parents of ADHD Kids

The holiday season is potentially a wonderful time of the year for fun and special times.  School is out, routines are relaxed, there is more leisure time, more treats to eat and there is more time to spend with friends

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Overcoming Learning Disabilities with Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was born with multiple learning disabilities that made school, work and life incredibly challenging. She read and wrote everything backwards, couldn’t grasp the relationship between the little and the big hand on the clock, had trouble processing concepts

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Does My Child Have a Learning Disability?

Do you suspect that your child might have a learning disability? If your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, you’ve probably spent time researching it. You understand how he or she learns best and where he or she

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Welcome to Holland

Welcome to Holland was written by Emily Perl Kingsley in 1987 to describe her experience as a parent of a child with Down syndrome. Kingsley is a longtime writer for Sesame Street and a creator of children’s books, videos and

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Learning Disabilities in Manitoba Children and Teens

Learning disabilities affect us all. Some of us struggle with a learning disability ourselves, some of us see it in our children or our families, and some have encountered people with learning disabilities in the classroom or workplace. In fact,

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