Getting Through University with Youth2Youth

Youth2YouthIf you’re a teen with a learning disability, thinking ahead to university or college can be scary. Will the professors work with you? Will there be supports? What about applying for a student loan or finding a place to live?

For helpful information about everything from picking a university, to managing your classes, to getting a job, teens can turn to Youth2Youth is a website developed by teens with disabilities for teens with disabilities. It’s a great way to connect with others who are experiencing similar obstacles, and to get the information you need to succeed.

Getting Ready for College or University

Are you ready for college or university? Find out by visiting youth2youth’s Getting Ready section. It will provide you with tools and checklists to help you reach a decision. It will also give you some helpful suggestions as to what your career path should be.

If you don’t know which school you’d like to attend, youth2youth can help you pick the right kind of school, apply, and find funding. It can also provide you with information about living on your own.

Being at School

Once you’ve made it to college or university, youth2youth will provide you with strategies, tips and checklists to help you be a successful student. From connecting with your Disability Service Counselor, to learning to use helpful technology, to approaching professors, youth2youth will help you.

Moving On to Life After School

After you’ve graduated from college or university, youth2youth will lend helpful tips on searching for a job, responding to ads, preparing for job interviews, and more.

You’ll also receive insight on topics such as when to disclose your learning disability, when to request accommodations, and how to manage your learning disability in the workplace.

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