Managing Learning Disabilities with LDAM

child learningThe Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba helps people who have learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders reach their goals and live better lives. Located in Winnipeg, we work with people of all ages and backgrounds from children to prison inmates and also provide educational and networking support for the family and friends of those with a disability.

One of the most popular services we offer is children’s literacy tutoring. Children up to age 11 come to learn about their disabilities along with their parents. Through one on one tutoring with our trained instructors, children improve their reading and writing abilities while mastering new learning skills and strategies.

We also provide training for parents on how to support their children so they can more confidently approach their schoolwork and various social situations.

Our organization is the only one of its kind in the province. We are dedicated to providing learning disability and attention deficit disorder information, programming and services for individuals, families and professionals.

The good news is that once diagnosed, accepted and treated, most people with learning disabilities can overcome their conditions and enjoy satisfying, productive lives with their families and in our communities.

We are affiliated with the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada, and its other provincial and territorial branches as well as the Manitoba chapters of LDAM in Portage La Prairie and Brandon.

If you would like to support us in our important work, visit our ‘Ways to Donate’ page to see how your gift could make an impact. A donation of only $10 will support one hour of children’s tutoring, while a gift of $150 could help that same child for 10 weeks! We appreciate the tremendous support we have already received from those in Winnipeg and beyond and look forward to expanding our services even more in the coming years.

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