Adult Student with Test AnxietyAdults with learning disabilities or ADHD  want to find suitable, meaningful employment and to connect with their peers. We work with adults to identify  learning disabilities and help manage these.

Destination Employment
Access your future with the Destination Employment Project. Prepare for employment with us, by identifying how you  learn and apply+{this to the workplace. Develop work-related skills and identify potential suitable jobs with us.

Transitioning from Post-Secondary Studies to Work with a Disability?
The Destination Employment Project offers you comprehensive employment preparation and a unique, customized personal management program. Share over a decade of successful employment and training outcomes with hundreds of Manitobans aged 15 – 30. You can expect to:

  • Determine your learning profile through targeted learning and career assessments, specializing in Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Learning Disabilities
  • Identify your employability skills in communication, problem solving and working with others
  • Build effective strategies to improve your performance in work and in continuous learning
  • Access employers hiring qualified, motivated candidates

This program is designed for adults who are:

  • Unemployed or underemployed (less than 20 hours per/week)
  • Young adults 15 – 30 years of age
  • Not eligible for employment insurance benefits
  • Have not collected employment insurance benefits in the past three years

For more information contact Program Staff at (204) 774-1821 ext 11 or email

Adult Support Group
Adults with learning disabilities or ADHD connect with their peers, to learn about their disabilities and how to manage them. These supportive group sessions are facilitated by a trained and experienced program co-ordinator and ADHD coach.

ADHD Women’s Support Group
Join us for the ADHD Woman’s Support Group Saturdays at 10 am February 11 and 25th at LDAM 617 Erin St. in Winnipeg, free throughout the year to LDAM members for an annual membership fee of $25. Call for more information (204) 774-1821 or email

Working with Inmates
Invited in 2011 to work with inmates at Stony Mountain Penitentiary to identify learning disabilities, we assist with more productive learning. Inmates often struggle with learning yet had never been diagnosed with a disability.

Many consider it a revelation to finally understand what a learning disability is and how it affects lives. Sharing difficulties and learning ways to make the learning experience more productive gives many new confidence and determination to learn. Some have said they have been waiting their entire lives for a course like this.