Teens – Youth Learn through Leading

Teen Boys Comparing Homework

In partnership with health care and education systems, LDAM supports and serves school age children, parents and adults 18 and over.

Priority one is to connect youth ages 12 through 18 challenged by regular adolescent emotional turbulence as well as physical and mental changes. Teens with learning disabilities have an even tougher time fitting in and getting by, let alone trying to develop and excel at their unique strengths. 

Supporting parents and families who act as their child’s or teen’s advocate and case manager, LDAM delivers innovative programs to strengthen youth leadership skills that connect, facilitate participation and grow success at home, in school and in communities.


Youth Engagement STREAM – Leadership in Communities

Youth Engagement STREAM (YeS-L) Leadership and mentorship program provides empowering first-hand experience for youth with learning disabilities and ADHD ages 12 – 15 year  to motivate and activate others!

Focusing on unique individual strengths, activities in August during 7 evening youth group sessions build self-management, emotional IQ, self-advocacy and leadership skills. Youth experience and take home skills to facilitate the same growth in others.

YeS-Leadership Program:

  • Enables youth to use positive messages and experiences about learning and learning disabilities to inspire, motivate and activate others.
  • Provides opportunities for youth with leadership potential to develop and practice their skills.
  • Creates future community leaders able to help build a more supportive and empathetic environment for youth with learning disabilities.

To register for the YeS-Leadership group that meets starting August 3th, view our Calendar, view our News post or open YeS-L Youth Engage Lead aug2017 now.