Six Decades of Learning Disabilities in Manitoba

If you or someone close to you have a learning disability, you know how much it means when somebody lends a helping hand. At the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba (LDAM) we have been helping young people and their parents, as well as adults, identify and work with their learning disabilities and attention disorders through information, support, programs and services.

There weren’t always services available to help those with learning disabilities in Manitoba. LDAM was formed in the 1960s by a group of parents trying to help their own children as they struggled with schoolwork and social progression. Little was known about learning disabilities at the time, so the first task of those parents was to research, learn and spread the word. LDAM’s founders worked with professionals to gather information about learning disabilities that would help their children move past the often rudimentary reading or math problems they were struggling with in the classroom. They knew the problem wasn’t about intelligence and they set out to prove that to the education system.

Since then, we at LDAM—along with our sister LDAs across Canada—have been working in collaboration with families, psychologists, doctors, and educators. Today we see more people than ever receiving the attention and support they need to deal with their learning disability, but there are still thousands more that are going undiagnosed and untreated.

As we move into our sixth decade, we remain relentlessly passionate about reaching every individual in need of our assistance as we provide services such as literacy tutoring, youth mentorship groups, parenting and employment programs and more. It’s thanks to our supporters that we have been able to make the difference we have, but there are still so many people falling through the cracks.

With your help we can reach more children, teens and adults with learning disabilities.

If you would like to make a donation to support us in our important work, please visit the Donate Now section of our website.

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