Youth Leaders Needed for New Program Starting Oct 22

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The Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba (LDAM) is pleased to offer a new set of programs for teens, including its new Youth STREAM Leadership (YeS-L) program. The program helps youth understand the impact of ADHD and learning disabilities.

With a focus on recognizing unique, individual strengths, Youth STREAM Leadership program participants are encouraged to participate in activities that build cognitive, self-management, emotional IQ, self-advocacy and leadership skills. Youth also learn how to facilitate the same growth in younger youth who experience learning disabilities or ADHD.

The seven session program covers the following:

• Enables youth to use positive messages and experiences about learning and learning disabilities to: inspire, motivate and activate others.

• Provides opportunities for youth with leadership potential to develop and practice their skills.

• Creates future community leaders who are able to help build a more supportive and empathetic environment for youth with learning disabilities.

Searching For Youth Leaders

We are currently looking for youth leaders (15 – 21-years-old) to participate in the Youth STREAM Leadership program which begins on October 22 and runs until December 3. We are looking for youth who:

• are affected by learning disabilities or attention deficit who possess leadership qualities

• would benefit from disability knowledge, strategies, and positive affiliation with similarly affected youth.

The program will use the latest approaches for managing and moving beyond these challenges. At the same time, we will focus on developing participant’s leadership abilities to assist and inspire younger youth who are struggling with learning disabilities and self-confidence.

Click here to learn more about the program and to register.

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